You're Beautiful.


my life plans include graduating from college, getting my dream job, meeting the love of my life, and surviving the zombie apocalypse that better fucking happen since i don’t have any other plans after that

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Welp my house is haunted
My parents have been asleep since 930, & I left the kitchen perfectly fine to go in my room around 12 to make a phone call and I come back to the kitchen 10 mins later and all the cabinets are open & all of the chairs from the kitchen are scattered around the house …

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For Christmas I want a lobotomy

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Told off 4 homophobic girls today at a restaurant and I can’t even tell my parents about it.

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Anonymous: Focus on you and focus on the people that believes in you. Someday you'll prove her wrong and realize she's always had this amazing daughter that have touched people's hearts and can do anything she puts her mind into. 😊 xx

This really means a lot to me. Thank you so much.

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